Testimonials from happy clients

CST for People & Horses


The first time I came to Karen was in the midst of a delightfully terrifying MS (multiple sclerosis) attack with a new symptom that is called the MS hug. It doesn’t sound bad until it happens and you feel like you have iron bands around your chest and waist that give you the sensation that you can’t take a deep breathe or exhale fully. I saw a show on cranialsacral and thought “why not”.

Divine fate led me to Karen 7 years ago and I couldn’t be more thankful. I figured I had nothing to lose except time and some money. After that first session, I felt more relaxed and ok with my situation then before. I had family in town and went out to dinner that night and realized during dinner that I didn’t have the feeling of iron bands anymore and I could take a deep breath. I was a convert!

Every session for me is different. My brain and body are starting to connect on a deeper level and I realize with Karen’s guidance and help, that I have the power to heal my body. Specifically, in each session, Karen helps me find little secret areas of pain and tension that I have been unable to release and with her guidance I am able to really powerfully connect the mind and body and release those areas.

If someone asked me what was the one best single treatment for my MS outside of diet, my answer would be Karen Partisch and cranialsacral therapy. 7 years later, my symptoms are minor and manageable. I work a full time job as a nurse, exercise 4-5 days a week, and live a full and active life with my family. To anyone asking if they should try this, my answer would be have courage and go for it; it will positively change your life.

Joelle Thomas, RN

As a professional musician, it is so comforting to have Karen and her amazing talent for craniosacral therapy to help me deal with the physical and mental demands of my work. When my shoulder froze the day before a performance and I couldn’t lift my arm to play, one session with Karen was enough to free it up and I was back at work the next day and performing.

Karen not only helps me with specific injuries, like a frozen shoulder or stiff neck, she helps me feel into and resolve the tensions deep within that can get in the way of optimal performance and me fully enjoying the music. It’s very liberating and I’m so grateful for it.

My whole family comes to see Karen. My kids have come, since they were newborns, to help them deal with the daily bumps of life. When there’s too much fussiness, colics or falls at the park, we know it’s time to see Karen!

Nadine Trudel

Principal Cello, Sarasota Opera

Before meeting Karen I was having issues with cubital and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as, jumping sensations throughout my body that kept me awake at night.  I was at my wits end and thinking about making an appointment with a neurologist, but I feared they would only give me medication to cover up my issues instead of tackling the root cause.

Karen said that CST could help me so I made my appointment with her instead.  I’m glad I did because I started feeling better right away.  Each session is completely different.  Sometimes I go there with a particular pain that I want to work on and other times I go there for a deep relaxation of my muscles.  I find that talking through the sensations that appear during the sessions is very therapeutic and I’ve worked through some painful memories that seemed lodged in my body.

I’m happy to say that a calm, restful sleep is now the norm for me and that my arms, shoulders and back feel more relaxed than they have in years.  Not only is Karen excellent at what she does but she’s also a kind soul.  I highly recommend her!

Billie Gardner

Founder and Online Business Manager, Desire to Done

The first time I witnessed CST being done on a horse, I couldn’t figure out what was happening. It looked as if Karen was just standing there with her hand on the horse doing absolutely nothing…but the horse was releasing and becoming more and more relaxed.  Very interesting!

During my first CST session I couldn’t believe the sensations I was feeling in my body as Karen worked on me.  But she merely had her hand on me!  After the session I felt amazing.  My shoulders were now even, my lower back didn’t hurt, my legs felt longer and I was in such a deep state of relaxation that I have never felt before.  I knew my horse needed a session as well!

The first CST session with my horse, Aramis, was incredibly powerful.  At first he was very unsure about Karen’s touch, but eventually he relaxed into the work…having a pretty horrible past before I became his owner, I wasn’t surprised he was skeptical.  All of a sudden I felt this powerful urge to cry.  What it ended up being was, through the CST work, he was letting me feel the sad emotions he still had bottled up from his past.  And then he let it go.

I then felt such a warm feeling from him, one of love.  Not only did the CST work help my horse emotionally, in just one session his back changed.  It went from being hard and a little sore to soft and mobile.  CST work also helped my horse make a full and complete recovery from a bad injury he sustained to his face which resulted in him having a fracture.  In just a few weeks this very deep fracture had healed COMPLETELY and the surgeon was shocked to see that on the x-rays.

I HIGHLY recommend CST work!  I have seen the benefits of it from my horse, and I’ve experienced it personally as well.

Rebecca Eddins

CST for Horses

Karen has worked her magic on myself and several of my horses. I am not new to bodywork, so it is through experience that I can say that Karen has a very special sensitivity and technique. The results are unmistakable. I can see the changes happening in the horses as she works, and I can feel a difference when I ride them.

I especially appreciate how she works with the horse, taking into account their emotional state and willingness to allow her ‘in’. I have personally felt significant changes in my own body that vary from just feeling amazingly relaxed, to resolving some long-standing asymmetries.

Karen Rohlf

Dressage, Naturally

When I first met Karen, I really had no idea what CST was. I was curious as to how it worked, and I had a horse that needed body work, that traditional medicine wasn’t helping. Karen came highly recommended from a good friend, so I thought I would see what CST was about.

At first, when I saw Karen begin her work, I was surprised by how light her touch was on the horses, and was immediately reassured that something special was happening by how positively my horses were responding. It looks like she is not doing anything, but laying hands on the horses, but their reactions are amazing.

My horses have all responded by releasing areas of tension, soreness, tightness that they had been holding onto and could not release on their own. Karen has a gift for identifying areas of blockages from an emotional, physical and mental level and with her CST she can help the body and mind release them to allow healing to occur.

I am amazed of Karen’s gift of intuition every time she puts her hands on my horses, as she quickly identifies what areas need to be addressed. Karen has made huge changes in my horses, as they all move much freer and are emotionally happier every time she touches them.

Lisa Howell, RN

Woodhue Farm


I can’t say enough about this course and how it was organized and especially, how it was taught. Karen and Abbey are a dynamic team and there was no doubt how much thought, preparation and let’s face it, joy in the subject matter was put forth in order to successfully teach the CET course. I LOVED our small group because the discussion and hands-on time afforded us a lot of opportunity not only to talk about and practice the material but to learn from each other and our experiences in the field as well as various questions that came up.

Stephanie Mills

HorseDynamics Equine Bodywork

What was my experience of the Connected Equine Techniques class? My heart opened, the connection happened and I looked at my horse in a whole new way…. It’s so yummy.

Christina Williams, LMT

“Glad to have learned useful techniques that will enhance the work I already do.”

“Loved the classroom/hands on work ratio.”

“Appreciated the very specific instruction followed by hands on practice.”

“This was an incredible experience… Thank you for everything.”

Karen will not diagnose any illness, disease or dysfunction. CST has a proven record of success as a stand alone therapy. Some clients and physicians choose to use CST along with other modalities and/or allopathic medicine. There are rare cases where it should not be used exclusively as a substitution for medical treatment.