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Karen Partisch, Licensed Craniosacral Therapist

Please Note: There is no sound on this video! 

In this short video, you see what can happen when it feels like the first treatment (Before) is more like a wrestling match and the second treatment (After), well, goes very differently. 

There are several things worth noting about what you see. Even though you only see a few minutes of each treatment, each session is well represented in the Before and After. 

The Before was very much about her feeling into the treatment and her fascial restrictions. This I knew and was continually validated by what I was feeling. She kept me connected and engaged the entire time. I was feeling her doing her own work validated by the releases I was feeling and the improved expression of her craniosacral rhythm. 

When I put my hand on her poll, it might look like I have some sort of odd ‘vucan death grip’ on her. I can assure you, it is not. It is very light touch as this is all she needed to engage the tissues at her poll. You can see by her response, how much tension she holds there and how willing she was to drop into doing her own work. 

For the second treatment (After), the entire session was as calm and relaxed as you get to see. A very different horse. 

This is the power of The Partisch Process. Calming nervous systems and upgrading performance. The subtle yet powerful light touch of equine craniosacral therapy when used with the horse. 

Another thing of note in this video is how beautifully this horse is being held by its owner. She is doing a fantastic job of engaging when required and staying disengaged as much as possible. Not an easy task, especially in the Before part. 

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There is no sound to this video.

Karen Partisch will not diagnose any illness, disease or dysfunction. Craniosacral Therapy (CST) has a proven record of success as a stand alone therapy and integrates well with other allopathic and holistic treatments. There are rare cases CST when should not be the treatment of choice.