Karen Partisch, Licensed Craniosacral Therapist

 Karen's Blog

People often come to me because they are in pain. When I ask them what they want to do with the pain, they usually say, ‘Get rid of it!’ As part of craniosacral therapy, I often ask if we can talk to the pain. I ask what the person wants to say to the pain.

Do our bodies really do listen to us? They do, more than we know.

Many years ago, someone very close to me was hit by a car. She was walking to her mailbox in the late winter up North. The car came speeding up the winding road and she turned to face it and froze. She ended up in the snow bank with bad breaks to both legs below her knees.

Karen will not diagnose any illness, disease or dysfunction. Craniosacral Therapy (CST) has a proven record of success as a stand alone therapy. Some clients and physicians choose to use CST along with other modalities and/or allopathic medicine. There are rare cases where it should not be used exclusively as a substitution for medical treatment.