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Karen Partisch, Licensed Craniosacral Therapist

Here is a video with me treating Karen Rohlf’s horse, Solana. She often wants me to treat her head and upper neck. It frequently feels like the lymphatics are sluggish and maybe backed up, causing or adding to some sinus congestion. It’s challenging for her during this session. Knowing her as I do, I stay with her and back off my pressure and intention as needed, and wait to be invited back in to work.

Solana and I have a long history together. This treatment is sometimes typical of her response with me. I ask for her to do her own work which she is sometimes reluctant to start and always grateful to have. At times, it looks a bit like a wrestling match, always followed by a significant release. And a very good riding day the next day.*

For her, this time, it feels a lot like her lymphatics are not flowing as well as they could be, adding some congestion to her sinuses and eyes. As I continue to treat her, the fluids start to flow better and this creates some concern, unease for her. Even though I use only the lightest of pressure (even if it looks stronger), this is all it takes to get her body to respond to the treatment.

There is a huge benefit for me working with Karen Rohlf’s horses. Because of the way Karen works with them, my job is much easier. They already know how to have a conversation of sorts when asked. They know they will be listened to and we are looking for engagement and even curiosity. During my treatments, I am frequently engaging the fascia and fluids to release restrictions, encourage movement, optimize as best it can.

*Karen Rohlf will tell you that Solana can have a bit of a challenging attitude. It’s actually in her breeding. It has taken years for Solana to ‘open up her body’ to Karen. And now, after years of work with Karen, me and others, Solana is now schooling very well and quickly moving up into the higher levels of her dressage training. She still can show her ‘challenging attitude’ although it has softened considerably since this video was taken.

And a huge shout out to Dana for keeping us in a good camera shot! It’s not easy.

Karen Partisch will not diagnose any illness, disease or dysfunction. Craniosacral Therapy (CST) has a proven record of success as a stand alone therapy and integrates well with other allopathic and holistic treatments. There are rare cases CST when should not be the treatment of choice.