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Meet Mirror. At the time of this video, Mirror was part of a herd managed in a very holistic environment. His story goes that early in his life, he did a lot of showing including halter classes. He is what some natural horsemanship people refer to as an introvert. Some people use the word stoic. However you define it, he tends to hold a lot in and not display signs of release or any other information. Fortunately, with my hands on work, I get to feel the positive changes he was making all throughout our treatment.

He is challenged by COPD which challenges his breathing, and conversely him.

You will see that he has a neck rope on instead of a halter. At the end of the treatment, I talk about this a bit. There is no need for a halter when I treat Mirror. He knows me and my work. And he knows he can leave if he wants.

This treatment is an example of how a lot of horses process the treatments. Many of them get very quiet and drop in to a deep healing place. And some want to move around like in the video where I am treating Solana. This is the other end of the spectrum.

PS: Sound is hard to hear. Still learning…

NOTE: All photos on this website were taken prior to 2020. Currently, Karen and clients wear masks during treatments.

Karen will not diagnose any illness, disease or dysfunction. Craniosacral Therapy (CST) has a proven record of success as a stand alone therapy. Some clients and physicians choose to use CST along with other modalities and/or allopathic medicine. There are rare cases where it should not be used exclusively as a substitution for medical treatment.