“The most basic and powerful way to connect to another is to listen.  Just listen.  Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention… It often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words.”

-Rachel Naomi Remen

Connected Equine Techniques (CET)

Connected Equine Techniques is on hold – for now.

When we get this series back up and ready to go again, we will let you know.

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CET 1*

  • Reading subtle cues from our horses
  • Exploration of movement control and body language
  • Intro to equine anatomy and equine neuroanatomy
  • Several CST techniques

*Partial list of topics and subject to change

CET 2*

  • Liberty Biomechanics of horse and rider
  • Liberty Horsemanship Perspectives and Fundamentals
  • Witnessing, holding healing space
  • Introduction to treating the organs of the horse

*Partial list of topics and subject to change

CET 3*

  • Common Ground, moving techniques into the saddle
  • Intro to 5 Element Theory, Homeopathy & Essential Oils
  • Exploring deeper into the equine cranium & CNS
  • Review Student’s Case Studies

*Partial list of topics and subject to change

I have a lot of natural horsemanship experience…what else can you teach me?

Congratulations with all your natural horsemanship training! This should make it easier for you to take in all that we are teaching with the Craniosacral part of our class. You probably have a really good feel with ‘pressure and release’ and the timing of things. Now lets take this into bodywork. Same concept, different application. Are you ready to open up into such a deep feel with the horse in this new way?

What if I can’t ‘feel’ it?

We teach ‘feel’ in this class! The class is set up so you will feel the craniosacral rhythm (CSR). It is a very subtle rhythm and can be challenging to feel, especially when you are just starting. In our first class, we spend time playing with palpation skills to help you. The more you practice, the easier it will become to recognize the feel of the CSR. And by watching the horse’s response, you will know you are facilitating changes with them. We want to know where your strengths and struggles are with your CET learning process – so we can assist you along your path. We have a few tasks for you between classes to aid your learning process. We want you to feel successful and connected with CET.

CET Details

Each class is $500.00. A deposit of $200 will reserve your space. If your deposit is paid before 30 days prior to the class, you will save $50 off the final payment for each class. Checks can be mailed to Karen Partisch, 405 Julia Place, Sarasota, FL 34236. Please send an email stating your intention to sign up and for which class at Karen@KarenPartisch.com or Abbey@OutOfHarmsWayFarm.com

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CET Practice Days are scheduled between classes. Contact Abbey or Karen for more details.

CET Play Days/Introduction to CET are held in various locations in FL and other states. Contact Abbey or Karen to schedule one at your farm.


Horse Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas by Robert Kainer and Thomas McCracken

CET 1 is a ‘stand-alone’ class. Or you can choose to continue on with CET 2 and CET 3. Unless otherwise stated, all classes will be held at Out Of Harms Way Farm in Myakka, FL.

Suggested Reading:

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Zen Mind, Zen Horse

by Alan Hamilton, MD

Your IP Dr John

Your Inner Physician and You

by Dr John Upledger

I can’t say enough about this course and how it was organized and especially, how it was taught.  Karen and Abbey are a dynamic team and there was no doubt how much thought, preparation and let’s face it, joy in the subject matter was put forth in order to successfully teach the CET course.  I LOVED our small group because the discussion and hands-on time afforded us a lot of opportunity not only to talk about and practice the material but to learn from each other and our experiences in the field as well as various questions that came up.

Stephanie Mills, HorseDynamics Equine Bodywork